The Nine Best Ways to Maintain a Flat Stomach

After a long weekend of enjoying good food, sipping alcoholic beverages with friends and having snacks, you may feel a bit more bloated than you did before the weekend started. Although it is not uncommon for people to experience bloating, especially if they are eating and drinking things they normally would not consume, there are several ways to avoid the bloat and ultimately keep your stomach looking flat.

losing weight series over white shot in studioWhile a simple cheat day may be fun once in a while, overdoing it throughout the entire weekend could easily cause you to gain quite a few pounds. You should always watch what you are eating, even if it is the weekend. If you are not careful enough, you may not only feel bloated, but the weight on that scale could start to increase, too.

Watch the Way You Are Preparing Your Food

You may often season your food with different spices to make it more flavorful. While there is nothing wrong with using a bit of seasoning on your meal, you must be careful with what types of seasonings you are using, especially if their salt content is high. Consuming too much salt could cause you to feel sluggish and appear a bit bloated.

Instead of putting salt on your food, consider adding some pepper. Avoid consuming frozen meals that need to be put in the microwave before you can eat them because they often contain a whole lot of sodium that can contribute to that bloated feeling. Salads and lean meats are ideal.

Avoid Consuming Too Many Carbs

Many people enjoy eating carbs because they are comforting. There is something so enjoyable about having a big bowl of pasta or tasty mashed potatoes. However, those carbs could cause you to gain weight. Instead of consuming those heavy foods, try sticking with the alternatives. Instead of having a bagel or toast for breakfast, consider having a scrambled egg with a side of fresh fruit and a non-fat yogurt.

Pick Your Starches Wisely

Certain meals you consume could be contributing to your bloat, such as a dish consisting of white pasta or potatoes. A better alternative to these foods would be brown rice. Not only is it good for you, but it is the kind of starch that will leave you feeling far less bloated. Brown rice goes good with meats, fish and even vegetables.

Cut the Milk Out of the Equation

Do you drink milk regularly? It may be something you are used to drinking because it was given to you all the time as a child. If it causes stomach pains and bloating, however, it may be best to cut it out of the equation and replace it with a better alternative.

It is possible you experience pain after drinking milk because you are lactose intolerant. The great news is that there are some fantastic alternatives, including soy milk and almond milk. In fact, these alternatives come in a variety of different flavors. You can even get them unsweetened if you would like.

Pick the Best Fruits for Your Body

While all fruits are good for you, there are some fruits that are simply easier to digest. If you are already feeling bloated, it just makes sense to choose the types of fruits that can be digested at a faster pace. Some of those options include fresh berries and grapes. Although it is best to purchase fresh fruit, you can buy the frozen fruit if necessary and simply pull it out of the freezer a few hours ahead of time if you are planning to eat it.

Try to Avoid the Spicy Stuff

You may experience some discomfort after consuming spicy foods. Many people experience this type of irritation after eating something that contains hot sauce or seasonings that are a bit too spicy. Instead of dealing with the irritation, simply choose flavorful seasonings without the kick. Avoid applying hot sauce over your meals for the time being.

Instead of using hot sauce, you could choose to use barbecue sauce, ketchup or even mustard. It all depends on what you prefer to have when eating certain foods.

Stop Sticking With a Specific Diet

Instead of trying to stick with diet foods products, simply make healthier choices. For example, you may consider buying diet soda. While it does not contain any calories, it does not offer any nutritional value to you at all. The ingredients in diet beverages have been known to cause bloating. In fact, you may even become gassier than usual after having some soda.

Rather than drink a bunch of diet soda, simply choose to drink water. It hydrates you and is good for your skin. Most importantly, it is free of calories.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

You may enjoy having some drinks with friends, but those alcoholic beverages you are consuming may contain many calories. And, if you are drinking beer, you can expect to experience some type of bloat. There is a good reason why the bloating is referred to as a “beer belly.”

While the occasional drink will not hurt, make sure you do not overdo it. If you have a day of drinking with friends, try to drink as much water as possible the next day to start flushing out your system.

Get Active and Have a Good Time

Light activity could keep you in better shape while helping you avoid severe bloating. There are dozens of ways to get active, whether you want to play a game of basketball outside your home with the children or go for a jog on your own.

Maintaining a flat stomach is not impossible. However, it is important to make good lifestyle choices to see the best results.